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Let me tell you a story - Part I

MadSea | Running with The rider Nuno "Stefan" Sousa, at Home.

Photo 1 There was a twenty minute window this day where the sun popped, the colors beamed and the green empties were photogenic.

Photo 2 Sometimes the back of the wave is more interesting than the front. It's more mysterious and leaves the mind in wonder about the other side.

Photo 3

The pro, Nuno "Stefan" Sousa put on an amazing performance in the water.

Photo 4 To make an already-great day even better.

Photo 5 The scariest wave of the day is pictured here. The water moves so fast that if you wipe out you get dragged along these underwater currents that hold you down.

Photo 6

Nobody out? That's what it look like but behind this perfect right were more surfers and behind Even in crowded surf there are moments of solitude.

Photos: MadSea - Bodyboard & More

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