“My lesson today was amazing. (...) It was one of the best things I have done on my holiday here in Madeira! Cannot wait to do it again if I ever come back - which I hope I do! Thank you MadSea and Mónica! I would reccommend this to anyone!” 


—  Zoë Cheng, Iorque, Oxford, England

January 16, 2018

WOW... that  flew by. It´s always weird to think that we´re approching another period where we write the wrong date on our posts or homework.

2017 was a great year for all of us at MadSea. It had it´s hight´s during all Summer and the brighter moments we´re sharing...

February 8, 2017

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Love Bodyboard!

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Madeira [mini] BODYBOARD HOLIDAYS // Summer Edition II // 23-27 JUL

July 20, 2018

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January 16, 2018